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9th May 2020

Anita Rufus Show - May 9, 2020, Hour 1

Anita analyzes why some countries have had such low Coronavirus infection rates and deaths, and others, like the U.S., have had such high numbers. The CDC guides for reopening to get the economy moving again are not being followed by many states, and those states tend to have ever-increasing infection rates. Anita asks whether we are seeing some people as "expendable," and why the U.S. has been absent from world leadership on these issues.

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Anita Rufus Show
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On radio and online since the early-1990s as the Lovable Liberal, Anita Rufus is an award-winning talk show host who separates policy from politics. She leads a provocative dialogue about the issues making headlines with a viewpoint rarely presented in traditional talk radio every Sunday. Politics is the art of getting things done through people over whom you have no direct control. Anita believes that when we can all understand what an issue is about, and can separate the policy from the politics, we can then have at least the possibility of a reasonable outcome.

Raised in Southern California, Rufus is a J.D. legal scholar, M.A. educator, and has been involved for over 50 years in civil rights, women’s rights, and all public issues relating to equal treatment and protection of constitutional rights. Her past experience includes being corporate executive, non-profit leader, political activist, columnist, Congressional candidate, and mother/sister/daughter/wife.

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